Our Community's Problems

A Grease Invasion!

             Heaps Of Yard Waste

 The first problem is an invasion of "brown grease." Grease over time gets harder and darker and turns into brown grease.  Large pieces may dislodge and travel through the pipes, become lodged again, and cause water from the sewer lines to back up into people's homes.  Therefore, it is a menace for municipalities as well as local residents. This grease invasion have frequently cost local residents more money due to higher sewage rates and home repair bills.
Food and yard waste account for about 30 percent of your household’s waste stream. When this large volume of materials ends up in the trash (landfill), it uses up valuable space and creates air and water pollution. Additionally, yard waste is being banned from landfills all across the country.

Max-Capacity Landfills

As the number of landfills increase the likelihood of leaks increases five-fold!

Mountains of Biosolids

Mounds Of Food Wastes!

Tons of biosolids are dumped in area landfills daily taking up valuable space for items that have no purpose. Biosolids can be used to improve poor soils, or to rebuild soils which have been damaged by improper management.
IIn the USA, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. Each day enough food is trucked away to area landfills that would fill up  the 92,542-seat Rose Bowl stadium!


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!Recycle The Waste
We will soon provide an alternative to the traditional landfill.  We will give commercial businesses and municipalities the option to recycle by receiving and repurposing their organics into a beneficial nutrient rich compost.  We will offer a tracking system to aid municipalities in troubleshooting, costs, and compliance.  This tracking of wastes will allow us to generate a recycling certificate showing each business how much they have recycled quarterly or yearly.  We will offer bio-solid disposal as well as a dewatering facility. This allows our facility the opportunity to accept a large range of different organic products.  We can aid with the delivery of composted organics for local customers
We will produce a nutrient rich compost that can be custom built for specific applications.  We intend to make different blends of compost to address the various needs of our clients.  With the adjustments of the feedstock proportions and additives, we are able to obtain different soil nutrients and optimal pH levels.
Our compost will be tested and source tracked for safety. Customers purchasing compost will receive a certificate of analysis with unique tracking number to ensure soil nutrient content.