Our Services

Just a few of the things we can do for you!

Certified Hazardous Materials Management

Certified Environmental Specialist

Protect Your Company, Protect Your assets!

Protect Your Community!

Let our Environmental Expertise protect your company from litigation. We are skilled in environmental risk management and work closely with the EPA and your state's Environmental policy regulators to keep you in code and in the clear!
At WES we excell at Hazardous Materials Communications with Management and Employees. We find solutions for all of your Hazardous Materials classification and storage needs! We work dilligently to prevent work time loss and protect the general health of your facility.

Municipal Project Assistance / Project Management

Litigation Protection

Stay Out Of Court!

Protect the Taxpayer!

Allow White's Environmental Solutions assist you with your next municipal project! We will work closely with management to achieve results that protect the project from costly fines during consrtuction and from future failures. WES can also assist you in streamlining your technologies to better save your allocated money for other uses as well. 
If  you fall under scrutiny of the law  or feel that you are being harrassed by a regulatory agency at any time while in our service we will fight to clear yourstatus! We are so confident in our work, our documentation, and our planning that we will stand by it firmly in a court of law!  Our training and expertise combined with years of expert witness testimony will make us formiddable adversary to those threatening our clients ! 

    Mandates and New Laws are Coming!

Our World is changing, our corporate world is changing as well. Governments worldwide are changing the ways we have done things in the past. The days of Landfill Dumping are numbered . Our Carbon Footprint is growing and our economical methods of disposal is declining. At WES we know how to reduce your Carbon trail, help you meet recycling mandates, and will provide you the proof you need to remain compliant in the future!